Sheltering the Homeless in Erie, PA

ErieSo it’s a festive time of year a time for loved ones and building great memories. But as Orthodox Christians it’s also a time for fasting and increased alms giving. Every year my friend’s parish hosts the emergency overflow shelter for the homeless of his city along with two other churches for 2 two week periods; during the month of December and again in February. It’s a big undertaking and they never have enough supplies. They ALWAYS NEED, BLANKETS, SOCKS, UNDERWEAR, JACKETS, SWEATSHIRTS, PANTS etc. FOR MEN AND WOMEN. People can donate these items via mail or send a gift card for purchasing said items. They take this project on with very little aid from the city mission. If any one would like to help them please email Stephen Maynard at or call him at (814) 314-9646. You can also reach
the church office (814) 449-8515 or mail a package or what not to:

Church of the Nativity
109 German St
Erie, PA 16507

Or to:

Nolan School of Music
3306 Buffalo Rd
Erie, PA 16510

If it’s a package the music shop is a better choice since Stephen is always there and there’s only some one in the church office twice a week.

Thank you for your love and care for the needy of this world. This is the season to work on earning many crowns in heaven or polish a few up
With love in Christ

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