Saint John and the Birth of a Baby


An icon of St John Maximovitch by the hand of Tom Denich
An icon of St John Maximovitch by the hand of Tom Denich

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the canonization of St. John the Wonderworker and his feast day today I would like to relate a previously unpublished story of one of St. John’s miracles.

The year was 1988 and my mother went into labor. Her labor went well and was not painful, so she was able to concentrate and pray. We attended the church of Blessed John the Wonderworker in Atlanta GA – dedicated to him prior to his canonization – so my mother prayed to Blessed John to bless the birth. She later said that she could only describe her labor as “sweet.”

Close to 1am she began to push. The baby’s head came out and then everything stopped.

The midwife noted that the baby’s face was pale and after checking discovered that the umbilical cord was wrapped too tightly around her neck. She clipped and cut the cord and my sister was born. She had no breath or heartbeat. The midwife yelled, “Someone breathe for that baby.” My father proceeded to give her mouth to mouth and somebody started CPR. This went on for ten minutes and during this time the heart began to beat, but she still had no breath. My father shouted, “give me Blessed John’s oil!” Someone threw it to him and he dumped it on my sister’s head. She took her first breath.

She was rushed to the hospital for evaluation. The doctors warned my parents that after being deprived of oxygen for such a length of time, that the odds were there would be some sort of brain damage. To the doctors’ amazement, she was perfectly healthy.

I grew up hearing this story shared with family and friends, especially at our local parish. In gratitude to St. John we are now sharing it with the world.

Wonderous is God in His Saints!

items-to-bless*Even before his glorification a vigil lamp was kept above St. John’s relics. Oil from this lamp was and still is used to anoint the faithful. Many wonders have been attributed to St. John through use of his oil. For more information on how to obtain St. John’s oil go to

2 thoughts on “Saint John and the Birth of a Baby”

  1. Archbishop John has been help for all of us, I’m glad to know when people are noticing what God and his saints are doing in our lives.

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